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Name:Tenoh Haruka
Birthdate:Jan 27
[IC Information]
Character Name: Haruka Tenoh
Series: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon
Gender; Female
Age: 20
Species; Human
Sexuality; Lesbian
Appearance: An androgynous female with sandy blond hair and grey-blue eyes that seem to match the weather, her hair is kept in a boy-cut which furthers her androgyny. She does not have a flat chest, however, she’s just very practiced in the art of dressing like a guy and her manner is like one as well. Haruka is extremely tall for a woman and matches it with a powerful grace in her movements. As mentioned, Haruka likes to wear clothes that are more masculine but when she henshins to her senshi form she wears a navy blue skirt and a yellow ribbon on her chest, the typical costume of a sailor senshi.
Personality: The first thing most people think of when they meet Haruka is someone very cool and confident. She doesn’t let things get to her and seems to have an aura about her that says she knows what’s she doing. Haruka also tends to be a bit flirty with girls too, doting on them and showing cute ones especial attention. She is very protective of those she cares about, especially those she deems weaker than herself.
Haruka can be stubborn at times and very focused on her goals, she never wavers from what she must do and it is this aspect that is seen most strongly in her senshi form. This protection is seen doubly so over two people: Michiru and Usagi. She would give her life for either of them, but most especially Michiru because to her life without that woman is meaningless.

Haruka can be seen as a bit cold and standoffish at times, her focus on her mission as a senshi means she can't let others get close to her. Obviously, she doesn’t like others to get involved in her affairs. She also has a hard time getting along with “popular men,” and while she can easily ruffle anyone’s feathers, it seems the same can be said for her,
and she can just as easily be flustered when teased (although it's mostly on Michiru who is able to do this).
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